All of the below information and operating plans are subject to change. Please check back in the days before your visit to make sure you know what to expect when you arrive. This will help you maximize your time with us, and hopefully make for a fun and easy experience.

We know, we're the worst. We normally get sales going in August, but with the global pandemic and a quickly changing social and political climate it's been difficult to pin down what to expect. We're big fans of setting expectations. And why would we sell you something when we don't know what to expect with it? Thus, here's some of our plan as it stands today:

Season Passes

- No Reservations: As of right now, we're not planning to require season passholders to make a reservation regardless of which pass product you purchase. That said, this is subject to change due to local, state or federal guidance or requirements.

- On Sale: September 21st via our online store. The number of certain season pass products sold may be limited.

- New Pass Options: Everyone's schedules are changing this year so to make room for more flexibility, we're introducing new pass options to save you money and get you more days on snow. #Value

- Returning Unlimited Passholders are able to purchase a 2020-2021 Unlimited Season Pass for the same starting price as last season.

Lift Tickets

- Online Advance Purchase Required: for all single and day lift ticket products. This will help reduce time in lines at the front desk and save folks a few bucks vs. buying on-site.

- # Of Lift Tickets Sold for certain days or nights may be limited to reduce capacity.

The IRL Experience

- Face Coverings Required throughout the entire operation. Guests may remove face coverings while eating or drinking, otherwise, stay in Incognito Mode while moving through the Lodge, between the buildings, to and from your car, in the lift line and on the chair. Though not always the most comfortable thing, this feels like a pretty minimal sacrifice to helping us stay healthy and stay open.

- Physical Distancing Required in all parts of the operation- from the parking lot to the chairlift line - for all unrelated parties. We love that our guests often make new friends and enjoy each others company while spending time at Echo; this year, we'll just have to do it a little further apart.

- More Frequent Cleaning & Sanitization of our facilities, namely the Lodge tables, cubbies and bathrooms.

- Additional Staff to focus on on those increased cleaning efforts.

- Parking will be staggered to try to allow guests time to dress at their cars before heading out onto the hill.

- Reduced Capacity inside our Facilities specifically in the Lodge, the Brothers' Grille, the Front Desk and the Rental Shop. Tables will be spread out and some seating will be removed. We are also increasing our outdoor seating capacity on the Patio, in front of the Lodge and Cabin, between the buildings, and at Tubing Hill.

- New Menu in Brothers' Grille and Two Mile Pie: We'll be offering a lot more Grab and Go items for quick consumption so you can get back to the skiing, snowboarding and tubing experience.

- Reservations For Rentals: We are working to implement online reservations for rental equipment! Only guests renting equipment will be allowed in the Rental Shop, with an exception of 1 Adult (Parent/Guardian) per group to assist minors.

- Riding Hot Laps Special Triple: We encourage guests to pre-form groups of related parties to load the lift. 2 single unrelated individuals may ride the lift with an empty seat between them as long as face coverings are worn. Working together and communicating with our Lift Operators will make this as smooth as dry snow softly falling on a calm, cold winter night...sorry dazed off there. What was I saying? Oh yea, lifts. You don't have to ride together to ride together, you know what we're saying?